[ as a creator | in process ]

the book of sand

conceived as a series of multidisciplinary performative pieces, the piece sets the body as a central medium in a spontaneous composition dialogue with visual art, painting, performance and music. 

Offering a reading of the Borgesian concept of the infinite knowledge, the performing body is exposed to the politics of memory – oblivion & expansion – erasure binary patterns. 

[ as a creator | in process ]


choreography / performance in a co-creation with Maria Plotnikova (UA), that explores the radical corporeality in the wartime. Addressing the corporal and the mythological, the Ukrainian artists evoke reflections on the power of the body in its connection to the land, while exposed to the vulnerability, loss, strength, and resilience in the local and global frames of the military violence.

[ as a creator | 2022 ]

SHOWTIME: a non performance

A dance performance / a series of choreographies that address the issues of body representation in the era of capitalistic overproduction. “You have to create problems to create profit” – as it says in one of the pieces, alluding to the idea that a body has to be placed in a turbulent dramatic experience to be able to push the production-consumption machine.

[ as a creator | 2015 - 2020 ]

short works

exploring the roots and continuum of social jazz dances, these short choreographies approach the possibilities of spontaneous composition, rhythmic complexity, and cultural intertexts in dialogues with the future.

[ 2015 - 2024 ]


researches on creation within the interdisciplinary dialogues with fellow artists of music, visual arts, cinematography and performance. 

[ as a curator 2012 - 2022 ]

Evolution solo weekend Sound from the cat's corner

education & research projects that were developed to raise awareness about the genesis, historical continuum, and cultural diversity of social dances, from a decolonial perspective.