it will be showtime again.
somebody will paint beautiful faces all over the sky
somebody will start bombarding us with really wonderful letters
letters full of truth
and gentleness
and humility.
(it says here)

Kenneth Patchen
Excitement or anxiety, inner or outer, fake or real, feminine or masculine, to please or not to please... and where is the line between this dualities?
The act of performance is considered to be an outer oriented thing, that affects a dancers representation. Especially in the history of jazz dance, it mainly worked in the entertainment industry. However, what happens, when the real thing is starting to come out, and what fight an artist goes through inside himself existing in a liminal space between the inner truth and outer expectations?
John Edward Hollenbeck & The Claudia Quintet "Showtime/23rd street runs into heaven" from the album "What is the Beautiful?"
Ted Reichman
Chris Speed
Matt Moran
Drew Gress
Cuneiform Records
Kenneth Patchen read by Kurt Elling
camera & edit
Artur Makarov
Julia Vdovychenko
Alina Sokulska
special thanks to
Olga Bekenshtein and Am I Jazz? Festival by Closer.Jazz
Daria Koshkina
participation history
Venice Art Fair (Venice, Italy, May 2019)
HOP festival (Barcelona, Spain, November 2019)
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