in the pagan beliefs of ancient Ukrainians, Magura is a woman with wings, a magic bird, a female deity of war, flying over the battlefield and blessing the brave soldiers for their final journey with a kiss...

this new work by Alina Sokulska is an address to ancient archetypes through building a crosscultural channel for a research of a character of a woman warrior deity. this improvography is a construction of an atemporal, syncretic and metamythological sensibility, uniting its ancient, eternal & futuristic symbology. Alina's specific dance language, born in the improvisation of live jazz music, social & urban dances, matured in the perspective of contemporary dance, is a tool for the transmission of the power of the spirit embodied in movement.

Dakha Brakha
Maryana Sadowska
Steve Coleman
camera & edit
Marc Costa
Alex Johnstone, Juan Carlos Gomez Villamor
Alina Sokulska
special thanks to
Olga Bekenshtein and Am I Jazz? Festival by Closer.Jazz
Daria Koshkina
participation history
Festival HOP
Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, centro Conde Duque

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