in the pagan beliefs of ancient Ukrainians, Magura is a woman with wings, a magic bird, a female deity of war, flying over the battlefield and blessing the brave soldiers for their final journey with a kiss...

the central focus of the movement and artistic research of MAGURA is the radicality of corporal experience in wartime: vulnerability and strength, fragility and power of an act of physical effort and resistance. Magura, a character, once dissolved into a semiosis of slipping meanings and sensations, approaches this corporeality through the mystical side of Ukrainian culture with its ancient archetypes and beliefs.

Alina's specific dance language, born in the improvisation of live jazz music, and social & urban dances, matured in the perspective of contemporary dance, meets the vision of performance artist Maria Plotnikova and establishes a dialogue with her work "Territory and People", who approaches the issue of corporal experience through manipulating a body made of clothes and filled with soil. The juxtaposition of the "materiality" of the performance and the "ephemerality" of dance mediums articulate an inextricable unity of the physical and the spiritual in the reading of Magura's story in the actual fragmented reality.
Alina Sokulska
IDEA & direction of the performance "Territory & People"
Maria Plotnikova
Dakha Brakha
Ukrainian Folk Songs
Centro Cívico Barceloneta - artistic residency 2023, Barcelona, Spain
Centro Casamarles CeRCCa - artistic residency in a collaboration with Maria Plotnikova
La Merce festival MAC 2023, Barcelona, Spain
costume design
Kimôh (Anne Cecile Espinach)
Video materials
Marc Costa, Roman Cadafalch
Alex Johnstone, Juan Carlos Gomez Villamor, Xavier Mamano, Jo Grabowski
Festival HOP | Barcelona, Spain | 26.10.2022
Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, centro Conde Duque | Madrid, Spain, 9-12.12.2022
San Jose Jazz Winter Fest, San Jose, California, USA, 23.02.2023
Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart | Stuttgart, Germany | 16.03.2023

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