Giant Steps jazz dance group
Giant Steps is a dance company working with rare and versatile jazz dance styles from its roots up to African-American and underground club jazz trends from the UK.

Respecting the numerous traditions of jazz dance, company's aim and main concept is to put these dance languages into a radical perspective of contemporaneity and express in jazz music creating a new dance language.
Directed by its choreographer Alina Sokulska, the group has existed since 2015, currently basing its teams in both St. Petersburg (Russia) and Barcelona (Catalunya).

Pushing the artform of jazz forward, Giant Steps offers a performance pieces with a unique dance language, cool style and propulsive team energy!
at @DAR 2019
Performance by @Giant Steps SPb

January 12, open stage of DAR jazz festival 2019
St. Petersburg, Russia
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at @Brothers in Jazz 2019
Performance by @Giant Steps Bcn

January , Brothers in Jazz festival
Madrid, Spain, Big Mama Swing

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* Rainy Days Jazz Festival (St. Petersburg, 2018)
* Petrojazz Music Festival (St. Petersburg, 2018)
* Cool Fingers Sessions (Barcelona, 2018)
* Barcelona UK Jazz Dance Weekender (Barcelona, 2018)
* Evolution Solo Weekend (St. Petersburg, 2016, 2017, 2018)
* MOST Swing Dance Championship (Moscow, 2017)

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