w/ the Beautiful Formula Collective, Steve Coleman, Kokayi
the sound, the surface and the space meet in movement
The Beautiful Formula Collective: Duo with Steve Coleman & Kokayi
Special guest: Alina Sokulska


Daniel Geiger : painting
Oleksiy Koval : painting
Thomas Rieger : painting
Veronika Wenger : drawing

Steve Coleman : alto saxophone
Kokayi : wordsmith

Alina Sokulska : dance

BACKSTAGE / film by Aitor Pradilla
we perform always. body as the subject of performance is the most honest matter. we perform especially when someone else is watching. however, the real performance is happening when we are alone, where we are facing ourselves.

the shadow is a powerful resource. the backstage is where the real thing is maturing and changing, and this change is the only thing that lasts.

director : Aitor Padilla
dop : Roman Ryzhko
original music : Alexey Orlov, Sasha Mashin
art : Valerie Mosso
gaffer : Alan Nart
1st AC : Maximiliano Fritz
Best boy : Ivan Sokolovskiy
thanks to Yana Kolesnikowa

dance : Alina Sokulska

release - September 2021
DEEECH w/Sasha Mashin
experimental sound - movement project by drummer Sasha Mashin and dancer Alina Sokulska

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