Alina Sokulska

A Ukrainian with Syrian roots, born in Kyiv, based in Barcelona, Alina Sokulska is a dance & performance artist.


Graduate in Literary Studies, she is continuing her artistic research within the medium of movement. Alina’s experience of choreographing live with jazz and improvisational music has shaped her movement language and pushed her to develop her approach to rhythm and body representation in dance improvisation and spontaneous composition.


Her work encompasses solo, group choreographies, and interdisciplinary collaboration with other artistic media as music and visual art.

In her work, she focuses on how power relations shape the body representation and how body as a subject of actual reality fulfills its potential to rethink the order of things. These questions aligned her research endeavour in both in artistic and academic practices.


PhD candidate in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, she also studied choreography at Conservatori Superior de Danza, Institut del Teatre in Barcelona.