The Way We Play
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What Is JAZZ? is a choreographic longpiece, dedicated to Jazz Music and Jazz Dance. Inspired by Marquis Hill Blacktet music and The Way We Play concept, departing from the tradition of rare jazz dance styles and its African roots, the performance is seeking for a Movement response to the contemporary jazz Sounds.

The Way We Play sounds like we do away the plans,
this is the church kitchen with one ceiling fan

The Way We Play the archetypal ancestors
to its successors, contemporaries, imitators,
all above...

The Way We Play
is the Way We Love

More works
NEW! On The Verge (Aaron Parks) by Dennis Adu Septet
Dennis Adu Septet feat. Alina Sokulska live program by Closer.Jazz
"On The Verge" by Aaron Parks, arrangement by Dennis Adu.

Camera by Dennis Adu.

January 12, 2017, Closer
NEW! 2/3 Adventure
A classic Mambo - Jazz performance to Wynton Marsalis Orchestra "Live in Cuba". Dedicated to my home Casa Latina and my family of bedansuals, who are free to express themselves deeply in many styles of dancing.

Camera by Jud Margot

May 27, 2018, Sala Apolo, Barcelona
Of A New Cool
This freestyle dance video to Christian Scott's "Of a New Cool" was produced together with Gregor Hofbauer at Vienna's Strudelhofstiege during the Dancer In Residence Program (DIR#5) by IG HOP.
"Of A New Cool" inspired by cool contemporary jazz sound by Christian Scott tries to play with what the vernacular jazz dance would look like now? Would it look like music that absorbed multiple rhythms, visions and experiences expressed in art? How would the Cool style of Jazz presentation be deconstructed in the 21st century, within the realm of new rhythmic games and configurations embodied in movement?

Music by

Thanks to Gregor for the video production:

More info about our Dancers In Residence (DIR#) program on IG HOP website.

This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

April 22, 2016
Salt Peanuts
Jazz dance tribute to early bebop era and its fathers Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker as well as to scattered attempts to interpret this music with dance throughout 20th century, from the early post-swing mood of the 1940s, up to the underground jazz dance trends in the UK. Mostly, the danceability of the bebop music has been underestimated... But not by us! Long live the wicked and dramatic attitude of bebop!

Performed at Savoy Cup 2017 by Alina Sokulska
Official video by Savoy Cup.

April 2, 2017
Ngando: Tiphenn Fauchois & Alina Sokulska at Tapmatazz Paris
A congolese song (Lingala), called Ngando (the crocodile), on the instrument called n'goni played by Tiphenn Fauchois and jazz improvised by Alina Sokulska on a monthly event Tapmatazz Paris.

Tapmatazz - monthly event for cross-cultural artists, dancers and musicians in Paris, France, host by Roxane Butterfly.

Duo on the video:
Alina Sokulska (dance), Tiphenn Fauchois (music)

Video - Roxane Butterfly
March 28, 2018
Arab Medley: Uniting World Rhythms in Jazz
"Arab Medley: Uniting World Rhythms in Jazz" project is dedicated to the powerful connection between the Jazz Music and Jazz Dance exploring multiple rhythms, traditions and experiences in the context of contemporary time.

The world unity of jazz rhythms we have nowadays absorbs rhythmic and cultural traditions of the whole human heritage. Arab Medley piece includes two Libyan folk songs arranged in Jazz by Avishai Cohen. This choreography piece is an attempt to find corresponding dance solutions and interpretation of this rhythmic jazz medley in the aesthetics of nowadays; an attempt to manifest the identity respecting the arab roots of my origin through the mixed dance voice of the time I live in.

Performance at annual event -
This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

camera man: Titas Satkūnas
location: Legendos Club

May 19, 2016
Exploring Contemporary Sound [with Marina Korobko]
Living in the time we live, in the 21st century, gives us endless possibilities of accumulating many experiences and histories in our art. The concept of dancing to any jazz of any style keeping the tradition and interpreting the contemporary sound via world rhythms leads me to beautiful soulmates and alike minds. It makes us move forward and create our own story.

Marina Korobko & Alina Sokulska in a collaboration exploring rhythms of contemporary music with flamenco and jazz styles of dance.
Video by Artur Makarov

Music: Christian Scott Quintet "Runnin' 7s" (2015)
Dancers: Marina Korobko & Alina Sokulska

This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

November 21, 2016
Authentic Jazz improvisation with DNK 6tet

Alina Sokulska performing an authentic jazz improvisation at Casa Latina, St. Petersburg, Russia with Denis Kirillov DNK 6tet.

Tenor sax - Anton Sushev
Trumpet - Egor Popov

September 3, 2017
Salt Peanuts [shortlisted for Jacob's Pillow Chance to Dance]
SALT PEANUTS by Alina Sokulska and The Cotton Lickers performed at the residency programme DIR #5 by IG HOP, Vienna, Austria.
This performance has been shortlisted for Jacob's Pillow "Chance to Dance" contest.

Video by IG HOP.

June 3, 2016
Inspired by Christian Scott Quintet, performed at the residency programme DIR #5 by IG HOP, Vienna, Austria

This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

April 8, 2016
Be-Bop Exploration
During the post-war era, jazz music has converted from dancing into a listening one. Post-swing jazz is believed to be "undanceable". On this piece we have made an attempt to deconstruct this stereotype exploring the be-bop music through Body and Dance.

Music: Sonny Rollins Quintet [The Stopper], 1953
Camera&Cut: Ksenia Kalinichenko

This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

June 1, 2015
NEW! You Better Git It To Your Soul
Dance tribute to Charles Mingus piece, to the roots of black American music.

Music: Charles Mingus - You Better Git It To Your Soul

This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

December 10, 2017
Male Shake Blues [Al Minns]
"Blues is the most profound, the most essential expression of jazz. It is the American folk statement by the blacks about their lives here. Blues can be considered a cornerstone of jazz music. Emotions which are going out of this music, are decidedly of an African heritage, but the dancers were not aware of it." - Mura Dehn [The Spirit Moves]

Since I have seen Al Minns dancing male shake blues, it has blown my mind. I thought: that is the celebration of the African heritage American social dancing could have. I've been watching it carefully for more than 5 years trying to "adapt" this animal-like style into my dancing, so when I found out about the Vintage Routine nomination at the Savoy Cup 2017, I had no doubts: I will do Male Shake Blues.

Anyway, working on every detail of the Master's movement had led me to something deeper and less superficial that just physical aspect: to the feeling itself. At the same time, it was constantly bringing me to the rethinking of gender and race in dance, differences in cultures but oneness in passion.

Creating the special Space with your Art, moving like an Animal - these are, to my point of view, ones of the most important and deep skills for a dancer.

Vintage video - "Male Shake Blues" routine by Al Minns in Mura Dehn's "The Spirit Moves", interpreted by Alina Sokulska at the "Vintage Routine" nomination at Savoy Cup 2017.

Video - Savoy Cup
April 2, 2017
You'd Be Frantic Too
Alina Sokulska performing a blues dance teachers improvisation at Bluesila 2017 festival in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Music: Hot Lips Page "You'd Be Frantic Too"
Video: Bluesila 2017

August 18, 2017
Blue' n' Boogie
Performing a jazz piece by Dizzy Gillespie with Fedor Nedotko at Harlem 2015.

Annual event -
camera man: Titas Satkūnas
edit: Lukas Gužauskas

This is a free art project, no copyright infringement intended.

May 15, 2015

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