"The Way We Play is the Way We Love" - Harold Green III
What Is JAZZ? is dedicated to the complex identity of "jazz" dance, its influences, roots and evolution it has run through 20th century up to nowadays. Celebrating black dance traditions, the performance is seeking to explore various cultural and artistic intertexts revealed in jazz dance nowadays, performed to contemporary music.

How would the contemporary "jazz" music look like in motion? How the representation of what is known as "jazz dance" could be rethought in the 21st century, within the realm of new rhythmic games and configurations embodied in movement? And does "jazz" really exist?
Artur Makarov (c) 2017
Marquis Hill Blacktet (c) 2016
Spoken word
Harold Green III
Alina Sokulska
special thanks to
Kozlov Club
Olga Bekenshtein and Am I Jazz? Festival
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participation history
- DAR jazz festival (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019)
- Black Box festival of contemporary dance and theatre (Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2018)
- Paris Jazz Roots festival (Paris, France, 2018)
- Rock That Swing festival (Munich, Germany, 2018)
- Moscow Christmas Swing dance camp (Moscow, Russia, 2018)
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