the tarot project
what is it?
my documented experimental practice of 22 videos from the dance studio. it is my dance research of the primary ideas of the picture of the world that are carved in our human psyche as "archetypes". archetype, eidos, a primary imaginary map of an envisioning a perfect idea of things.

i approach this research through my vision of the ideas represented via tarot major arcana symbolism.

every day i pull a card, imagine a direct/perfect/imperfect/reverse meaning of it through the key attribute words that stand for the identity of a tarot arcana, and dance it.

the purpose is to research how we connect to the archetypal symbolism as a microcosm in a universal macrocosm.
the major tarot arcanas are not just a collection of beautiful cards having independent symbolic meaning. the 22 arcanas are connected into the holistic story, and as they stand for some primary archetypes of our human journey, they also have a certain order which is not random. this certain algorhythm has steps, stages, each next arcana develops the story of the previous one forming an outline of the journey that we live through as humans. starting from the Magician (opening road, courage, opportunities), and finishing with Fool (going back to zero, back to beginning), it is a cycling path that repeats all over again.
it has unpredictable turns, paths and side streets, successes (direct meanings) and failures (reverses), but a journey of the hero fits into a general mould, a story that is as old as the world, immortalized in artistic narratives, that varies the mould every time in a new beautiful way.

to be honest, i did not do my research following this algorithm.
the picture came together as a full cycle when i finished it.
i pulled a card every day and connected to its symbolism.
what was interesting and authentic for me,
that i actually found myself in the state that card described
every time i danced the arcana.
either it was the mood,
or the struggles i went through my life at that moment,
i felt there was no problem
in connecting to the card
as it was resonating
with each stage
of my little journey
that i took
August to December

so, here we go...
arcana 1: the Magician
playfulness, consciousness, coolness, beginnings, opportunities, trickster, optimism, wisdom, reconfiguration, puzzle, game, witchcraft, manipulation

music: Acid Arab - Nassibi
arcana 2: the High Priestess
anima, wisdom, a secret knowledge, spirituality, subconsciousness, lunar consciousness, witch, the healer, the temple, the truth, mentorship, secret, intuition

music: Meshell Ndegeocello - See Line Woman
arcana 3: Empress
feminity, strength, hustle, protection, fertility, calmness, tranquility, beauty, pride, creativity, productivity, confidence

music: Tony Allen - Tres Magnifique
arcana 4: Emperor
the father figure, animus, masculinity, order,power, determination, force, strictness, lack of flexibility, tradition, rules, leadership, rulership

music: Kevin Haynes & Grupo Eleguá
arcana 5: the Hierophant
tradition, status, commandments, ethics, moral, learning, ritual, deep knowledge, enlightenment, strong belief, search for a common sense, tranquility, wisdom, right choice

music: John Coltrane - One and Four
arcana 6: the Lovers
trial, test, choice, doubt, crossroads, dilemma, conundrum, high price choice, freedom of choice, love, obstacles, difficulties, heavy effort, fate, acceptance, sacrifice, heart, sincerity, honesty, a conflict with ratio, choice following the heart and the soul, unrequited love, jealousy, possessiveness, self love as basics for love to others, mature decision, immature decision, consequences, responsibility for the consequences

music: Yusa - Breathe
arcana 7: the Chariot
power, determination, speed, movement forward, victory, goal, control, lack of control, accident, success, journey

music: Lee Morgan - Gaza Strip
arcana 8: Strength
power, strength, force, energy, endurance, endeavor, strong spirit, passion, lust, aggression, taming the fear, superiority, non-violence, lion, softness, perfection, faith, control

music: Ibeyi - Oya
arcana 9: the Hermit
isolation, introspection, withdrawal, choice to go off the beaten track, carrying your inner wisdom, following your way away.

music: Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches
arcana 10: the Wheel of Fortune
time, transformation, cycle, flow, fate, luck, repeat, lesson of life, the element, dynamics

music: Ambrose Akinmusire - Vartha
arcana 11: Justice
balance, looking for balance, harmony, truth, law, regulation, honesty, responsibility, evaluation, conclusion, opinion, criticism, choice, clarity, right, left, libra

music: Ambrose Akinmusire - particle/spectra
arcana 12: the Hanged Man
desperate, long waiting, non resolving, dead end, depression, another cycle of depression, never ending bullshit, unability to break through, circumstances that arrest, no solution, stillness, stagnation, disappreciation, screaming without voice, mute

music: Roy Elridge - Echoes of Harlem
arcana 13: Death
farewell, cycle, continuity, transformation, ending, changes, eternal movement, cleaning, acceptance, loss, letting go, death, rebirth.

music: Roy Hargrove - Wild is the Wind (live)
arcana 14: Temperance
silence, harmony, balance, elimination of tension, calmness, resolution, clarity, stabilization, rationality, healing, the necessity of saving the energy, the right decision, peace, acceptance, resilience, not falling into the extremities

music: Djivan Gasparyan - Sayat Nova
arcana 15: the Devil
the dark side, evil, the shadow, he who reveals the dark side of others, obsession, addiction, following the weakness, the destructive path, unhealthy passion, lust.

music: Makaya McCraven, Jill Scott Heron - me and the Devil
arcana 16: the Tower
"let's talk about the art.
of how things break.
that were hard
to make"

destruction, erase, fall, fail, catastrophe, globality, fatality, disappointment, broken heart, letting down, deafness, ignorance, burn, fire to give birth, fire to destroy, water as a place of birth, water as a place of death, death, explosion, war, fight, conflict, punishment, elimination of lies, purgatory, hell, overwhelm, uncontrollable, emotions, quakes, shakes, cracks, the end - the ashes - the rebirth

music: Tony Allen - Cosmosis
arcana 17: the Star
hope, direction, light, purpose, guidance, gift, over the mundane perception, celestial, extraterrestrial, innovation, leadership, inspiration, shining bright, gratitude

music: Jojo Abot - Don't Get Caught
arcana 18: the Moon
the subconscious, the intuition, walking in the darkness, eclipse, the unseen, the unknown, the hidden, fear, menace, the feminine

music: Lole y Manuel - las bulerĂ­as de la Luna
arcana 19: the Sun
clarity, light, gold, joy, creative potential, happiness, prosperity, celebration, awakening after the darkness of moon, achievement accomplished, sun as the lowest aspect of the divine and the highest aspect of the mundane, highest level of consciousness, pureness of mind and heart, solemnity.

music: Dorothy Ashby
arcana 20: Judgement
divine blessing, resolution, bright end, conclusions, hope, enlightening, awakening, renovation, resurrection, reward, spirit, karma.

music: John Coltrane - Resolution
arcana 21: the World
wholeness, everything, one, harmony, completeness, supreme love, end of a struggle, transcend, achievement, success, award, peace, the end, the beginning

music : John Coltrane - Blue World
arcana 0: the Fool
trickster, playful, laughter, comic, irony, the fool, the joker, childish, the beginning, the end, reset, pause. and begin again.

music: Mathew Shipp trio - the Flying Carpet
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