Evolution Solo Weekend is an annual festival of African-American Dance and Culture held by Jazz Workshop w/Alina Sokulska, Fedor Nedotko in St. Petersburg, Russia and Europe.
The main philosophy of the event embraces exploration of the evolution and artistic development of African American and Latin American performance arts from its African roots, through the twentieth century up to nowadays. With such social dance artforms as jazz, tap, mambo, Afro-Latin dance, appearing in America throughout 20th century, we make an educative attempt to investigate the performance arts of mixed societies and identities via theory, practice and entertainment, as well as trace its African roots.

The Festival events include dance workshops: traditional African and Afro-Cuban dance, gospel, tap, vernacular jazz, afro-latin, mambo, funk with the perspective into the time we time we live; social dance parties with live music and guest bands; performances by guest giants of jazz and latin dance; educational meetings and lectures which focus on the historical and anthropological Evolution of African American major dance displays.
ESW 2018 artists
Annelys Pérez Castillo
Afro Roots
Josette Wiggan-Freund
Jazz, Tap
Frankie Martinez
Afro-Latin Funk
Dennis Adu
Jazz musicality
Yunisky Ruiz
Afro-Latin Percussion
Thomas DeFrantz
[Duke University]
African-American studies
for being with us in 2018! see you on our future editions!

Getting ready for Evolution Solo Weekend 2018 with its organizers!

Listen to all the interesting facts you need to know about Evolution Solo Weekend from its organizers, Alina Sokulska, Fedor Nedotko! [in Russian]

Remembering 2018 edition with photos and videos
Sunday Talk on Evolution Solo Weekend 2017
"If you know the foundation, the future is clear" - Josette Wiggan
Frankie Martinez about Evolution Solo Weekend

"This to me is one of the most intelligent concepts, one of the most intelligent realizations that I didn't even have until I came here: of connectivity in disciplines, in musical disciplines and dance disciplines. Because you have to kind of dig dip to understand how this stuff is threaded together, how it's all combined. And to bring them together into a single arena and to have people partake in them together at the same time, communities that wouldn't necessarily cross each other; and to actually demonstrate to ourselves and to the audience the connectivity of these things, like the historical connectivity of these things, it requires an analysis that I think is extremely intelligent. And I just want to say that: I've never seen like this in the world in terms of this line of connection. Somebody stumbled onto this line, extraordinary. I think it's absolutely remarkable, what's happening here."
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