January - March
in Barcelona
Giant Steps dance lab:
What is JAZZ now?
Welcome to our playgound and experimental space
for contemporary JAzz!

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What is JAZZ? / The Way We Play
"The Way We Play is The Way We Love"
Longpiece choreography dedicated to the search of the contemporary dance language of jazz and its roots. Inspired / in a collaboration with Marquis Hill Blacktet.

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St. Petersburg, Russia
January 12,
DAR jazz festival 2019,

photo - Artur Makarov
Sound from the Cat's Corner: Lecture course on jazz dance history
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Swinging at the Cinema with BJO
A charity concert within the programme Oxfam Intermón with Barcelona Jazz Orquestra at Sabadell
La Faràndula
25 gener 21:30 h
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UK Jazz dance intensive
At Barcelona Swing Cats,
January 26, 18-20h
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Happy Lab w/ Sasha Mashin
A weekly experimental jam session directed by jazz drummer, band leader, producer & founder of Rainy Days Records Sasha Mashin.

Kozlov Club, Moscow, Russia, January 28
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Paris Jazz Roots 2019
Teaching jazz & performing
April 18-22
Paris, France
Plenty Hot 2019
Teaching jazz, lindy hop & performing with Fedor Nedotko

Dresden, Germany
May 4-6

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