JAZZ Workshops in Barcelona
January - March 2018

BEBOP + Dance Jam

Bebop is a new perspective for the jazz dance scene. This course focuses on post-war, post-swing, non-mainstream styles of jazz dance. Here, Alina will touch upon authentic American Bebop styles of the 1940s as well as UK Jazz dance language. You will discover how to improvise to more complicated jazz rhythms and phrasings and learn how to speed up your dancing while making it look easy and stylish at the same time. You will dance to bebop, cool and hard bop, latin jazz.

Mondays, Spank The Baby, 8pm


Open course for learning the basics of underground club jazz dance styles of London dancefloors in the 1980s. From latin jazz to bebop musically, from funk, through street dances up to its artistic interpretations, this dance phomenon absorbed many visions of jazz and club music and dance, creating a new, independent jazz dance discourse in the UK. During the course we will learn the basics and the grounding aesthetic principles of two most prominent trands in UK club dance, UK jazz fusion (historically presented by IDJ dancers) and UK bebop (by Brothers-in-Jazz).

Mondays, Spank the Baby, 9 pm


Learn (how to) dance history. This course focuses on the vernacular styles danced in America from the turn of the 20th century until the mid 1940s: from Cakewalks, Charleston, Blues, Jazz steps and Swing up to the beginning of the Bebop era. Alina will work with you on steps, basic jazz and blues rhythms, body movement, attitude and improvisation. For all the people out there who love solo dancing and want to take their physical and conceptual understanding of movement to a new level… authentic style!

Wednesdays, Swing Cats, 8 pm
Thursdays, Ballaswing (Gracia), 8:15 pm (Int), 9:15 pm (Adv)



The course explores the way we can train our bodies within the tradition of Afro-American body movement, from Afro dance and body isolations to the blues and jazz in order to achieve better understanding of dance's physical aspect and a quality of movement.

Mondays, Spank the Baby, 7 pm (Afro Roots)
Wednesdays, Swing Cats, 9 pm (Body Movement & Blues)


The best dancer in couple is a good solo dancer. To be skillfull and creative in couple, you have to know first how to take control over your own body and jazz expression! Total dancer course, a solo course open for both leaders and followers, is destined for learning how to interpret the swing rhythmic and musicality in couple using jazz vocabulary. Course includes training of your footwork, body movement, musical aspects of swing and your creativity and expression!
Level: Int and up with lindy hop background

Wednesdays, Swing Cats, 7 pm


Photo - Julia Vdovichenko (с)

Jazz Dance History lectures are back!
This series of lectures are going to take place at Barcelona Swing Cats school.
Lecture 1: It Don't Mean A Thing...
On the dance boom of the Swing Era and the age of Celebration of African-American Renaissance of the Great Depression time.

[on the photo: Whitey's Lindy Hoppers]
Lecture 2: Gimme De Kneebone Bent
On the roots of jazz dance, from the slavery and plantation dance up to the ragtime era.

[on the photo: Bert Williams]

Lecture 3: To Be Or Not To Bop?
On the development of Jazz Dance in the postwar period and attempts to interpret its sophisticated Music.

[on the photo: Dizzy Gillespie]

What is JAZZ? / The Way We Play [Premiere]
"The Way We Play is The Way We Love"

Premiere of my first longpiece choreography dedicated to the search of the contemporary dance language of Jazz and its Roots. Inspired / in a collaboration with Marquis Hill Blacktet.

Dates of performances coming soon!
photo - Artur Makarov
Dennis Adu Septet at Closer
Some surprises are coming in collaboration with Dennis Adu Septet!
Деннис Аду - труба
Борис Могилевский - альт-саксофон
Богдан Гуменюк - тенор-саксофон
Александр Чаркин - тромбон
Павел Литвиненко - пиано
Александр Емец – контрабас
Павел Галицкий - барабаны

January 12, 20:00, Closer.Jazz
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Freedom Jazz Dance : Kiev
13/01 : Kiev, DePo Dance Cafe

Swing, Bebop

art - Daria Koshkina <3
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Jazz Improvisation Jam
A new series of parties where we gonna free ourselves to dance to all kinds of jazz music from blues and swing to post-swing styles like bebop, hard bop, latin jazz, cool jazz, fusion and contemporary jazz sounds!

Spank The Baby, Barcelona! Check out for the date soon!
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Brothers In Jazz Madrid 2018
Annual jazz dance event in Madrid, Spain, 19-21 January
Teaching Bebop, performing
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Rock That Swing Festival 2018
Annual swing dance event in Munich, Germany, February 8-12
Teaching Jazz, performing
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Jazz Roots Paris 2018
Annual jazz dance event in Paris, France, March 29 - April 1
Teaching Jazz, performing
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Plenty Hot 2018
Annual swing dance event in Dresden, Germany, May 4-6.
Teaching Lindy hop with Fedor Nedotko, Jazz.
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Swing Fest 2018
Annual swing dance event in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 9-12.
Teaching Lindy hop with Fedor Nedotko and Jazz.
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