JAZZ Workshops in Barcelona
starting October 2, 2017
3 hour intensives

BEBOP + Dance Jam

Bebop is a new perspective for the jazz dance scene. This course focuses on post-war, post-swing, non-mainstream styles of jazz dance. Here, Alina will touch upon authentic American Bebop styles of the 1940s as well as UK Jazz dance language. You will discover how to improvise to more complicated jazz rhythms and phrasings and learn how to speed up your dancing while making it look easy and stylish at the same time. You will dance to bebop, cool and hard bop, latin jazz.

Mondays, Spank The Baby, 8:30 pm, Jam 9:30 pm


Learn (how to) dance history. This course focuses on the vernacular styles danced in America from the turn of the 20th century until the mid 1940s: from Cakewalks, Charleston, Blues, Jazz steps and Swing up to the beginning of the Bebop era. Alina will work with you on steps, basic jazz and blues rhythms, body movement, attitude and improvisation. For all the people out there who love solo dancing and want to take their physical and conceptual understanding of movement to a new level… authentic style!

Wednesdays, Swing Cats, 8 pm
Thursdays, Ballaswing (Gracia), 7:15 pm, 9:15 pm



The course explores the way we can train our bodies within the tradition of Afro-American body movement, from Afro dance and body isolations to the blues and jazz in order to achieve better understanding of dance's physical aspect and a quality of movement.

Mondays, Spank the Baby, 7:30 pm
Wednesdays, Swing Cats, 9 pm
Intensive, Ballaswing, November 18


It is no longer a secret that the follower doesn't exclusively depend on the leader and has many opportunities for expressing his or her individuality. Developing and shaping this dance identity is the focus of this course: practicing basic rhythm variations and footwork that doesn't depend on the lead but are the followers personal choice during couple dancing. Alina is going to teach you how to apply your solo Vernacular jazz or bebop steps in your usual Lindy Hop.

Thursdays, Ballaswing (Gracia), 8:15 pm



Open course for learning the basics of underground club jazz dance styles of London dancefloors in the 1980s. From latin jazz to bebop musically, from funk, through street dances up to its artistic interpretations, this dance phomenon absorbed many visions of jazz and club music and dance, creating a new, independent jazz dance discourse in the UK. During the course we will learn the basics and the grounding aesthetic principles of two most prominent trands in UK club dance, UK jazz fusion (historically presented by IDJ dancers) and UK bebop (by Brothers-in-Jazz).

October 7, Spank the Baby


"Blues is the most profound, the most essential expression of jazz. It is the American folk statement by the blacks about their lives here. Blues can be considered a cornerstone of jazz music. Emotions which are going out of this music, are decidedly of an African heritage, but the dancers were not aware of it." - Mura Dehn [The Spirit Moves]

Deeply rooted in the soils of black Africa, the eccentric style of Al Minns "Shake Blues" dancing still has been a great pleasure to watch and appreciate. Now try to move the way the Greats did it. Thoroughly working on Shake Blues style, Alina has elaborated a methodological class on the mechanisms of authentic blues movement the way Al Minns did it. We are focusing on body isolations, groove, armwork, parts of the Shake Blues routine and how you can use it in your improvisation, following the Tradition.

Comin' soon!


The famous Shim Sham routine, or "Goofers", how it was originally called, was created by two tap dancers, Leonard Reed and Willie Bryand for a Whitman Sister's show in T.O.B.A. circuit back in 1926. Its first show in New York has been performed in a venue called Shim Sham, where the routine took its contemporary name from. Since then, the routine underwent many interpretations, including tap and soft-shoe jazz dance. The jazz and lindy hop dancers removed the tap sound, however, the structure remains the same. Lets investigate the routine's variant in our Shim Sham series!

Albert Minns and Leon James, formerly dancers of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, are famous for their extravagant Style in traditional jazz dance steps. The best proof of "jazz it up" approach: to perform following the Tradition, but in the individual creative way of jazz dancing. On this Shim Sham class we are working on the Way Al and Leon interpreted traditional stomps, hip rolls, half-breaks, tack-annies, boogies etc.

November, 24, Barcelona SwingCats

Solomon Rudowski, widely known as Dean Collins, upon learning the shim sham routine in Savoy, New York, having adapted and complicated it, performed many versions of it in California, in his famous smooth style. On this intensive we gonna learn many new interpretations of traditional steps as well as learn new elements which are "new" to all other shim sham routine interpretations.

December, 1, Barcelona SwingCats

Photo - Julia Vdovichenko (с)

Alina Sokulska & Marina Pravkina TOGETHER! in a JAZZ masterclass
An exclusive masterclass with Alina and Marina, jazz dancers and bebop pioneers in Barcelona, revealing jazzy connections between swing, bebop, UK jazz fusion and house dance styles.

Spank The Baby, Barcelona, Spain.
November 25, 11-13h
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What is JAZZ? / The Way We Play [Premiere]
"The Way We Play is The Way We Love"

Premiere of my first longpiece choreography dedicated to the search of the contemporary dance language of Jazz and its Roots. Inspired / in a collaboration with Marquis Hill Blacktet.

Dates of performances coming soon!
photo - Artur Makarov
Cool Fingers! Session of December 1!
A series of parties to dance to all kinds of jazz music from post-swing styles like bebop, hard bop, latin jazz, cool jazz, fusion to contemporary jazz sounds as well as latin, boogaloo, and soul! Dj Ricard Prieto and Dj Genis Worksong!
Koitton Club, Barcelona, December 1
Photo - Paul Enguehard
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Shim Sham Series
Al & Leon Shim Sham - November 24
Dean Collins Shim Sham - December 1

Barcelona SwingCats, Barcelona, Spain

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Blues Chapters
Afro-American Body Movement, Blues Roots and Shake Blues [Al Minns style]
December 2-3

Te Aroha, Barcelona, Spain

photo - Paul Enguehard for Savoy Cup 2017
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Workshop amb Alina Sokulska in Figueres!
Figueres, Spain, December 16, 2017.
Jazz, Blues & Roots.
Swingats De L'Ala
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Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp 2018
Annual swing dance event in Moscow, Russia, 3-8 January
Teaching Lindy hop with Fedor Nedotko and Jazz, performing
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Rock That Swing Festival 2018
Annual swing dance event in Munich, Germany, February 8-12
Teaching Jazz, performing
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Plenty Hot 2018
Annual swing dance event in Dresden, Germany, May 4-6.
Teaching Lindy hop with Fedor Nedotko, Jazz.
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from the Cat's Corner
Series of lectures on the Jazz Dance, its history and anthropology. Organized by OK Projects, held in Closer. Jazz read by Alina Sokulska

poster - Closer.Jazz, photo credit - Paul Jung

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