Regular classes in Barcelona will be resumed in October 2018! Stay in touch!
What is JAZZ? / The Way We Play [Premiere]
"The Way We Play is The Way We Love"
Premiere of a longpiece choreography dedicated to the search of the contemporary dance language of Jazz and its Roots. Inspired / in a collaboration with Marquis Hill Blacktet.

photo - Artur Makarov
Rainy Days Jazz Fest
A music festival of young St. Petersburg jazz label Rainy Days Records will take place on August 25 at the new stage of Aleksandrinskyi Theater.

Performing contemporary jazz, Alina and her company.
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Swing Castle Camp 2018
Annual swing dance event in Beesendedt Castle, Germany, September 21-27.
Teaching solo and couple jazz and swing dance with Fedor Nedotko, taking part in talks and lectures.
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Sound from the Cat's Corner: Lecture course on jazz dance history
Tuesdays, 22:00 starting from October 2 at Barcelona Swing Cats dance school.

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Mors 2018
A swing dance event in Minsk, Belarus.
Jazz and lindy with Fedor Nedotko.

October 26-28
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Am I Jazz?
Am I Jazz? festival dedicated to contemporary jazz music.

Kyiv, Ukraine
November 16-18
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