An experimental duo project by drummer Sasha Mashin and dancer Alina Sokulska.
"дичь" [di':ch] - (rus. slang)
1. wild bird
2. unexplored place
3. nonsense, unreliable information
4. a person whose beliefs do not match the common rules

The OUTSIDETHEBOX performance offers an experience of the synesthesia of sound and movement. It is a journey on the way to a new self, from the fear of stepping out into the unknown darkness,through the fight with old masks, self-sacrifice, to the joy of recognition of the new Identity.
"...and then your mind is able to understand the things, that your imagination is not anymore capable of embracing"
– Lev Landau

Unique due to its improvisational nature at each take of the performance, the dialogue between musicians and a dancer is evolving in the flux of ancestral drum rhythms, experimental electronic sounds and jazz harmonies.

supported by Sunhouse sensory percussion
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