regular classes

Regular Classes
where:Swing Cats
type of class: group class [in person]
time: Wednesdays, 11:30; 19:50
This course focuses on the vernacular black dances in America from the turn of the 20th century until the mid 1940s: from swing up to the beginning of the bebop era. Alina will work with you on steps, rhythms, body movement, attitude and improvisation.

Level: open, professionals / non-professionals
where: Zoom
type of class: group sessions
time: Tuesdays, 18-20:00, Saturdays 12-13:00 CET
This is a 2 month long online live Zoom course for those who want not only to research the dance technique, but also dive deep into the history of dance and ethics of "inspiration", to differentiate between the dance of other artists, other cultures, and your own one. The course consists of experimental-based movement research practice sessions, as well as seminars and discussions on critical issues in dance such as decoloniality of cliched thinking, cultural appropriation and appreciation of world culture dances, etc. You will be given homework: articles to read, movies to watch, dance footage to analyze, as well as guidance to go deep inside yourself, listen to your body and finding your own ways of moving and being creative within the familiar languages of dance.

Welcome to the playground!

Level: open with dance experience, teachers of social dance
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Giant Steps dance lab - improvisation workshop

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