[ Alina Sokulska is an internationally acclaimed jazz dance artist, choreographer, performer, instructor and researcher.
She started her path as a solo dancer since the very early age gaining experience and knowledge in many dance styles and cultures.

Jazz dance has become her major passion and for the moment she is one of those jazz dancers elaborating on her own dance language with intertexts of swing, blues, bebop, tap dance, UK jazz, afro and latin, comprehending jazz as an African rooted artform.

Through her theoretical researches of dance history and traditional jazz languages she broadens the limits of what is called "jazz dance" both in practice, art and a teaching approach, putting its intertexts into the radical perspective of contemporaneity.

Currently Alina is colaborating with the top jazz dance and music festivals, jazz bands, Conservatori Superior de Dansa of Barcelona Institute of Theatre and was an official representative of jazz dance at International Jazz Day'18 host by UNESCO and Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. ]

Originally from Kyiv (Ukraine), rigorously trained in a professional dance performance company Show-ballet A6 (Kyiv) since 8, Alina has been experimenting on and learning all possible dances. She met social dance at 17 and since then authentic jazz, swing, lindy-hop, tap, blues, be-bop, UK Jazz, latin dance, traditional African dance paved her artistic way.

Her dance experience met with academic formation in Arts & Humanities helps Alina to comprehend Jazz Dance, her major passion, as a historical and anthropological phenomenon of the Art of mixed identities. This helps her as a dancer to find new profound approaches to choreography, social dance, improvisation, musicality and a dancing style. She has been sharing her experience teaching both solo and partner dances with Fedor Nedotko, lecturing, performing, choreographing and collaborating with jazz bands as well as hosting dance weekends, workshops and festivals in Ukraine, Russia as well as around the world. Alina's theoretical research in dance are underpinned by a PhD project she is currently working on at the University of Barcelona focusing on the interrelation of literary and performance arts. Currently Alina is based in Barcelona where she is hosting her workshops as well as collaborating with the leading local schools of swing and Conservatori Superior de Dansa (Institut del Teatre).
She set up Jazz Workshop with Alina Sokulska in 2013, cherishing the concept of dance expression to Jazz Music of any style, elaborating on her own dance language and artistic voice researching rare jazz dance forms of the 20th century through African-American Body Movement. Alina's main artistic search would be an answer to the question: "What would modern and contemporary jazz Music look like embodied in Movement? How could the jazz dance be innovated departing from the Tradition?"

Alina's major organizational project is a festival of African American Dance & Culture Evolution Solo Weekend held annualy in Saint Petersburg, Russia, starting from 2014. Co-organized with Casa Latina dance studio and her partner Fedor Nedotko, the festival carries the main philosophy of embracing exploration of the evolution and artistic development of African-American and Latin American performance arts from its African roots, through the twentieth century up to nowadays. Guests that have been featured on the event - Chester A. Whitmore, Frankie Martinez, Annelys Perez Castillo, Josette Wiggan, Dennis Adu, etc.

Her dance mentors, both met and never met ones are Al Minns, Leon James, Teddy Brown, Jimmy Slyde, Alvin Ailey, Brothers-in-Jazz and Irven Lewis, Chester A. Whitmore, Gordon Neil, Frankie Martinez, Annelys Pérez Castillo, Josette Wiggan, Roxane Butterfly, others and of course… Music!

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