it will be showtime again.
somebody will paint beautiful faces all over the sky
somebody will start bombarding us with really wonderful letters
letters full of truth
and gentleness
and humility.
(it says here)

Kenneth Patchen
the more we approach our shadow, the smaller it becomes, until its complete disappearance in a physical merging.

in analytical psychology, the archetype of the Shadow existing in our unconscious, is defined as the negative, dark side of one's personality. Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961) described the shadow in a key passage as 'that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden personality whose ultimate ramifications reach back into the realm of our animal ancestors and so comprise the whole historical aspect of the unconscious'.

what happens when we meet our Shadow? what inevitable dramatic journey are we taking in the darkness, to get to the light, truth & peace? how do we gain strength to survive and create, finding resource in the darkest and most depressed corners of our subconscious?

"a non performance", a dance about the shadow, as an action and an exhausting negation of the very action.

this piece is a research of the duality of human nature, the union of its archetypes & symbologies with Alina's specific dance language, born in social dances & jazz, matured in the perspective of contemporary dance concepts.

together with a complexity of music by Ambrose Akinmusire, John Hollenbeck & the Claudia Quintet and verses of Kenneth Patchen, accompanying the piece, this improvography is an abstract reflection of the sensations of human life, approachable by a subtle means that is movement.
Alina about her piece:

"the piece i'm presenting is a solo called "showtime/a non performance". it is about our human/artistic Shadow side as a powerful resource of survival and creativity. i started researching this years ago, however, the pandemic times and the war in my country Ukraine intensified the drama of the questions of survival, search & creativity and sharpened the senses.

the movement style i use is a language i have developed over years of my dance practice and research, which i could say has become my individual dance style. it is based on numerous non-commercial, vernacular, underground and club dances: swing, bebop, afro-latin, UK jazz dance, that is a mix of body isolations, footwork, and contemporary dance movement research approaches. my pieces are created to contemporary improvisation music, and are "improvographies", which is a combination of choreography and improvisation spots, left to be danced in the moment of spontaneous creation."

1. a backstage
1.1. act: getting ready
1.2. struggle: -
1.3. localization: behind the curtains

2. a showtime
1.1. act: manifesting the Self
1.2. struggle: self vs. audience (others, those who watch, evaluate, require)
1.3. localization: the stage, "out there"

music: "Showtime/23rd street runs into heaven" by John Hollenbeck & The Claudia Quintet
3. a shadow
1.1. act: facing the Unknown
1.2. struggle: self (you) vs. your hidden
1.3. localization: the inconscious

4. a non performance
4.1. act: merging with the Shadow
4.2. struggle: you (self) vs. you (inner Other), action vs. apathy, motivation vs. frustration
4.3. localization: the unconscious becoming conscious

music: "the lingering velocity of the dead's ambitions" by Ambrose Akinmusire
5. a beauty
5.1. act: looking for the bright side after integrating the unknown darkness
5.2. struggle: perfect vs. real
5.3. localization: back "out there", on stage

music: "What Is The Beautiful?" by John Hollenbeck & The Claudia Quintet
Ambrose Akinmusire "the lingering velocity of the dead's ambitions" from the album "Origami Harvest"
MIVOS Quartet
Marcus Gilmore
Blue Note Records

John Edward Hollenbeck & The Claudia Quintet "What is the Beautiful?"
Ted Reichman
Chris Speed
Matt Moran
Drew Gress
Cuneiform Records
Kenneth Patchen read by Kurt Elling
Alina Sokulska
with the support of
Festival HOP, Auditori Sant Martí, INAEM, Redescena
camera & edit
Lorena Arroyo, Artur Makarov
Daria Koshkina
Alex Johnstone
costume design
Anne-Cécile Espinach - Kimôh
Yana Kolesnikowa, Alex Johnstone
special thanks to
Olga Bekenshtein and Am I Jazz? Festival by Closer.Jazz
Venice Art Fair (Venice, Italy, May 2019)
Culture Folk online streaming (April, 2020, online, USA)
HOP festival, Barcelona, Spain, November 6, 2021
Los Angeles Dance Festival, LA, California, USA, Dec 3-5, 2021
PERPETRACIONS, a festival of performance at Auditori Sant Marti, June 5, 2022
Dance Days Chania, festival of contemporary dance, Chania, Greece, July 30, 2022
Sebastian Weber Dance Company | the FLOOR Sundays, Leipzig, Germany, October 2, 2022
Included in the catalogue of the selected pieces by red Nacional de loa Teatros de España

What is the Beautiful?
The narrowing line.
Walking on the burning ground.
The ledges of stone.
Owlfish wading near the horizon.
Unrest in the outer districts.


And begin again.
Needles through the eye.
Bodies cracked open like nuts.
Must have a place.
Dog has a place.


And begin again.
Tents in the sultry weather.
Rifles hate holds.
Who is right?
Was Christ?
Is it wrong to love all men?


And begin again.
Contagion of murder.
But the small whip hits back.
This is my life, Caesar.
I think it is good to live.


And begin again.
Perhaps the shapes will open.
Will flying fly?
Will singing have a song?
Will the shapes of evil fall?
Will the lives of men grow clean?
Will the power be for good?
Will the power of man find its sun?
Will the power of man flame as a sun?
Will the power of man turn against death?
Who is right?
Is war?


And begin again.
A narrow line.
Walking on the beautiful ground.
A ledge of fire.
It would take little to be free.
That no man hate another man,
Because he is black;
Because he is yellow;
Because he is white;
Or because he is English;
Or German;
Or rich;
Or poor;
Because we are everyman.


And begin again.
It would take little to be free.
That no man live at the expense of another.
Because no man can own what belongs to all.
Because no man can kill what all must see.
Because no man can lie when all are betrayed.
Because no man can hate when all are hated.

And begin again.
I know that the shapes will open.
Flying will fly, and singing will sing.
Because the only power of man is in good.
And all evil shall fail.
Because evil does not work.
Because the white man and the black man.
The Englishman and the German,
Are not real things.
They are only pictures of things.
Their shapes, like the shapes of the tree
And the flower, have no lives in names or signs;
They are their lives, and the real is in them.
And what is real shall have life always.


I believe in the truth.
I believe that every good thought I have,
All men shall have.
I believe that what is best in me,
Shall be found in every man.
I believe that only the beautiful
Shall survive on the earth.
I believe that the perfect shape of everything
Has been prepared;
And, that we do not fit our own
Is of little consequence.
Man beckons to man on this terrible road.
I believe that we are going into the darkness now;
Hundreds of years will pass before the light
Shines over the world of all men...
And I am blinded by its splendor.


And begin again.

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